A no B.S. 7-step money management system that guarantees financial peace in less than 10 minutes a month.
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We are proud of our book but that's probably a bias point of view. That is why we ask everyone that ever bought our best-seller book what they think about it. And here's what they say!
I am grateful to you guys because I have learnt how to manage and trap money. I tried so many method but the one you advised, I am following it as it is and I can already started amazing results. 
Vinay, April 2019
Really enjoyed it, easy to read, technical elements were explained in simple terms, highly recommend this book to anyone who's keen on managing their money better.
Joseph, March 2019
Finally a property investment book I would recommend reading and it’s so easy to read you only need 2hrs. I think everyone would find some value in the book, esp around money habits and how to re-evaluate our spending. I’m ready to invest but I’m letting fear stop me. Since reading the book I learnt that I would have started my investment journey at step 3, missing some core ground work.... so I’m starting fresh... and more importantly at step 1! Hopefully what I’ve learnt from the book will help me jump soon.
Catherine, Jan 2019
Hi Ben and Bryce! I’m only half way through your book but I’m loving it so far! I’ve already takes a few of your ideas and implemented them into my life. The idea of the 7 day float would have to be my favourite! Thankyou for all you guys provide, teach and do! Hope to one day work alongside or in conjunction with you, especially on my next property purchase. Thank you!
Tyneal, Jan 2019
An easy read. Not trying to be to clever just putting up the facts. How to get on with sensible investing and keep all the clossy marketing people out of your pockets.
Paul, Jan 2019
 Really simple, practical and logical.
Kelly, Dec 2018
Easy to digest for a book on finance ! Makes sense, and case studies are helpful, Just a suggestion for older clients who have just found your book/platform, it's never too late to learn, and we don't all have investment portfolios !
Roma, Dec 2018
Money SMARTS is the most practical system to keep your money working for you without you having to think about it! While it involves maintaining a certain level of self discipline, it allows for plenty of self permission when it comes to spending money on what you value.
Lindsay, Nov 2018
 Loved the book, it was great that it was simplistic but still contained great content. The fact that it could all be linked in with your money smarts system makes it a no brainer for people wanting to get on top of their finances.
Darren, March 2019
Fantastic book lost of great advice, tip and tricks to trap surplus and ensure all you money coming in goes to your primary offset bank account to reduce your interest.
Mark, Feb 2019
The pace and structure of the book resonated with my line of thinking - is was basic enough to engage me to act and set up the different accounts, use the online Money S.M.A.R.T.S Platform and have reached out to Empower Wealth Advisory to get cracking with creating a retirement plan. I am now reading the Armchair Guide to Property Investing.
Marsha, Jan 2019
When I was trying to think of a Christmas present for my sibling, this was what I chose because I knew it would be a true gift, something that could actually help with factual information from two extremely knowledgeable guys.
Cody, Jan 2019
Love the Property Couch podcasts and the books compliment what I've listened to really well! I am very grateful for all of the information which is being shared by so many experienced people too!!
Max, Dec 2018
I bought both books and finished reading already. But I’ll have to go back and read again to digest (& love to highlight). Had hiccup to use money smart platform then been busy. Have to try doing it again. Thanks for all your hard work.
Thi ( soon to be investor), Nov 2018
We were already on track to incorporate the Money SMARTS system into out lives, after listening to the Podcast. We've already met with the team in Sydney, and are on our way to get control of our spending habits. Looking forward to finding a plan that will benefit us! Thank you for the solid info!
Nick, Nov 2018
It was great! I started listening to the podcast in January this year, and have since completed 2 full laps...actually I finished lap 2 a couple months ago, Sydney traffic sucks but you three (including Ivise) make my long commute much easier! I knew about Money SMARTS from the podcast, and thought it it would be good for our family, but didn't quite know how to implement it - until now. I read the book over my 2 week holiday in Japan, even reading in the Japanese baths (I got a few strange looks for that)! I now have the motivation, information and confidence I need to implement the system for my household. Thank yo
Daniel, Nov 2018
Very easy to understand and well explained. .
Ryan, April 2019
Hi guys, I love your book and the Money Smarts system and I think it is AWESOME. I'm only 2 weeks in but am loving it, especially the 7 day float. My situation is a little different as a 50 year old who recently received a healthy redundancy after 20 years in the one gig and on top of that I've sold my house and am now "rent vesting". Before I look at traditional full time salary work again (if ever) I'm cognisant of the fact that my current cash nest egg won't last forever, so I was keen to know where my daily/monthly/yearly expenses were actually being spent for myself and my 2 teenagers. That's where the Money Smarts System has been awesome and the exercise of identifying where I had been spending is extremely worthwhile. Now I have piece of mind in knowing I can/should stick to my 7 day float, only use my credit cards for the known bills and chip away at the Provisions jar. And yes, come the end of the week it's surprising what you can whip up from leftovers in the fridge. It's also helping me stick to my 4 "alcohol free days" per week and heaven forbid, throwing in a couple of vegetarian meals per week - who knew meat was so expensive when you just threw it in the shopping trolley and used your unlimited credit card! Love your work and your podcasts. Cheers!
Hadyn, March 2019
Great book, simple to follow strategies that are practical and easy to implement on a daily basis. Great read.
Ian, Feb 2019
 I’ve only just started reading it...but so far so good. We haven’t implemented the money smarts in full yet but we had started getting organised based on the advise in the podcast. We done the ‘gathering ‘ bit to find out where we are spending all our money (ouch!). Thanks so much for all you advise and wisdom. Your show is a regular topic of conversation in our house....even with the kids!
Phillipa, Jan 2019
 Great read, easy to follow and provided me with lots of tips and strategies to follow.
Julie, Dec 2018
This book lays it out nicely and all in an easy to understand way. I've already recommended it to two friends.
Dave, Nov 2018
Making money simple again is written in a very easy to understand and very logic. It is easy to implement. It is inspiring for me to look into my own financial and find some interesting fact :) Even though I haven't implement your SMART money system, I'm sure I will be using some if not all of the concept. Thank you very much. I certainly recommend t this book to everyone.
Piyada. Nov 2018
A great book. Simple, practical advise that I have already started to implement. A great "go to" guide. I am feeling more in control of our finances, and I feel like we are walking a more straight path instead of finding there is "too much month at the end of the money". 

Amand, Nov 2018
"Your Money SMARTS System has given me control over my money... and allowed me to plan and pay for my dream wedding in the Greek Islands."
brendan gale
Make Money Simple Again
What's included in this best-seller book?
A prequel to our first book, this is a simple, proven approach that will make money simple again and help you spend less than you earn so that you can save, get of bad money habits, and invest for your financial future.
In order to roll out Money SMARTS, you need to know the underlying problem first. This book unpacks the three reasons why people have a money problem in the first place.
Once you understand your current financial situation, it will be a lot clearer to get to the next stage. But how? Bryce and Ben reveal the little known banking structure secret.
This system only requires 10 minutes a month to maintain so Bryce and Ben share their unique tips to make sure you don’t waste any more time than this ever again.
The Money SMARTS money management system outlined in this amazing new book cuts through the today’s challenges of digital (invisible) money to showcase a proven, rules-based approach to ensure you are in complete control of your finances.
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What's a book without proper case studies? On top of the 9 real-life stories that are included in the book, we've also included four case studies to help our readers to round out their knowledge and understanding to become a Money SMARTS expert.
How to recover quickly from a debt hole
How to super-charge your way into your own home sooner
How to slash and burn your mortgage
How to super-charge your surplus money
These case studies can also be used as a model to give you a head start in working out the specifics to set up your Money SMARTS System!
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