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Wealth Builder
how to super charge your surplus money 
You are both in your working professionals in your mid 40s with two young children. Overall, you've got good monthly surplus after covering the costs of running a family of four.

You own your current home and now is starting to think about building up your nest-egg for retirement because you know your super on its own won't be enough. So what should you do next?
  •  Scenario 1 – Pay off the mortgage
  •  Scenario 2 – Invest in property and pay minimum off mortgage
Mortgage crusher
Mortgage and debt free – How to slash and burn your mortgage 
You are both in your mid 30s, living anywhere in Australia and want to be debt free - in particular you want to be rid of your biggest debt of all, your mortgage.

Both have solid jobs and a handy monthly surplus - thanks to pretty reasonable spending habits. BUT... current mortgage debt seems to be too high! What can you do to reduce this non-deductible debt ASAP?
  •  Scenario 1 – Slow and Slower Approach
  •  Scenario 2 – High-Low Debt Approaching using MoneySMARTS
  • Scenario 3 – High-Low with $12000 extra p/w using MoneySMARTS
  • Scenario 4 – Debt Consolidate Using MoneySMARTS
  •  Scenario 5 – Debt Consolidate with $100 p/w using MoneySMARTS
Rapid home deposit builder
how to super charge your way in to your own home sooner
You are both in your late 20s, currently renting and earn a solid combined income of $152,000 p.a. For the past couple of years, you've been enjoying the freedom and social lives and this is where a lot of your discretionary spending has been going.

As you get closer to 30, you're starting to think about the next stage of life and getting serious about saving for a deposit for your own home. You've got modest savings but how much more do you need to save before getting on the property ladder? Here are the scenarios in this adventure:
  •  Scenario 1 – Snail’s pace savings
  •  Scenario 2 – A trapped extra $250 per week
  • Scenario 3 – A trapped extra $500 per week 
  • Scenario 4 – Surprise option
Credit card survivor
Credit card debt disaster – How to recover quickly from a debt hole 
You are a single professional. living on the fringe of a capital city. Currently renting with good job and good income. 

The extra costs of living independently - with busy social calendar have put pressure on your finances. And with a increasing credit card debt and still currently paying off your HECS debt, you are wondering when will you ever get control of your finances rather than it controlling you? Here are the scenarios covered in this adventure:
  •  Scenario 1 – The Baseline (do nothing approach) 
  •  Scenario 2 – Debt Snowball Approach 
  • Scenario 3 – High-Low Approach 
  • Scenario 4 – High-Low Approach plus trapping $50 per week 
  •  Scenario 5 – Debt Consolidation Approach 
  •  Scenario 6 – Debt Consolidation plus trapping $100 per week 
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more reviews on the book
Good read, took some time to absorb most of the things but was worth the effort and time. Gives me an idea where I stand and will start using the Money SMART soon.
If you are to get one book about money, this is it.
Jonald R.
Good book definitely worth a read whether you are currently investing or just looking into it. 
Jack Keegan
Well written book that simply explains how to manage your money. Easy to understand language and lots of real life case studies that help you relate to the content. 
Certainly worth a read. The jar system works and can really help a person to live within their means plus work towards goals.
Julie Rea
Great book broken down into digestible parts. Easy read.
Amelia McPhee
I love the idea of having a system that only requires you 10 minutes in a month to track your finances and achieve your goal for trapping surplus. Great mindset and system for managing your finances. 
Joe V.
A great way to control habits and live for the future.
Michael P.
The book is terrific. Has really provided clarity for how to achieve what I am trying to. As I handle the finances in the household I appreciated the section on how to get your partner on board. 
Simon Campbell
Great book, the boys help you reflect on how you mange your money and refine that into a system where we can try and mange your leaky discretionary spends better and be prepared for the big costs. The idea of identifying and then trapping surplus income is a powerful tool for anyone. Well done and love it! 
Mitch O.
I found the book very simple to understand. What I love about it is the fact that anyone can apply the principles and achieve success. All it really need is motivation and commitment. It definitely opened my eyes to many things and definitely got me excited. I am 40 years old, yes I do have a financial planner. Yes he does crunch the numbers for me every year. Yes it looked pretty awesome until I decided to step "out of it" and look at it from a distance. This was the point I realized that it wont be enough and we as a family needed more to achieve the lifestyle we want to once we get to retirement. I listen to your podcast every day, I have started from both ends (I am more than 300 episodes behind) to catch up. I made peace with the fact that I wont be able to retire at 50 but I am going to give 60 a solid crack!! Thanks to your book I realised that it is more achievable than what I thought. Keep up the good work! 
Werner B
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